Other Websites

Solid Rock Mortgage Corporation operates a wide variety of websites, mostly managed and maintained by Robert Ashby himself.  In our constant attempts to provide as many Americans, especially Floridians, with educational material and resources to assist in any home purchase, we have spread out the information across many domains and platforms.  Most content overlaps, but each is designed with a different theme and features from just a basic page to blogs.  Some are not maintained regularly, though even those will likely be reworked in the near future as we forge ahead and prepare for the return of the housing market.

Here is a complete list of websites that are operational:

Solid Rock Mortgage Corporation

Florida Mortgage Specialist

Florida Mortgage Planner

Florida Mortgage Report

Florida Mortgage Daily

Florida Loan Advocate

Florida Mortgage News

Florida Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist

In addition, you can find Robert D. Ashby’s writings at:

Agent Genius