Florida Mortgage Market – Forecast for the Week

by Florida's #1 Mortgage Planner on March 10, 2008

Well, last week was a rough ride, but don’t expect things to get much smoother this week.  Bonds did manage to keep their head above the 200-day moving average, so we still have some support for bonds in place.

This week has some big events that will show toward the end of the week, namely Retail Sales and CPI.  These two reports will certainly play a big role in the inflation versus recession battle, and the outcome will determine where bonds move from here.  The first major battle is Retail Sales on Thursday with CPI battling on Friday.

As the week begins, we will be very cautious, in fact, today’s update will be delayed a bit in order to provide better guidance on the day’s events instead of posting multiple reports.  As long as bonds remain above their 200-day MA, we will suggest floating with an itchy trigger finger.

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