Florida Mortgage Daily Moves and Disaster Strikes

by Florida's #1 Mortgage Planner on February 29, 2008

Well, apparently we did not check the backup of the prior blog prior to its deletion and we had to delete it as WordPress was confused with the 2 Florida Mortgage Daily blogs on the same server at the same time.  So, it look slike the Florida Mortgage Daily will have to start fresh and without its last 14 months of data, sorry.

Nevertheless, we now have our own domain up and running, just waiting for the rest of the Internet to cacth up so you can access it directly again.  That should be completed soon.  Starting Monday, March 3, we will be off to the races with the site and begin working on synidcations and more.  If there are any features you would like to see, please elt us know and we will try to get them added.

Once, again, so far we have been unable to import the old database due to file corruption or something and so we have lost the last 14 months of reports, however we will keep trying to get it restored.  If not, oh well, we will still be bringing you up to date postings and those are what really matter as we cannot live in the past.

We trust you will enjoy the new location and serices we will be providing from this site in the future.

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